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Both born and having lived in the UK until May 2016, Angela and Mark have been together since 1999. We are primarily English speaking, with a smattering of German, We would appreciate your patience, understanding and most importantly your help to improve our language skills.


The name for our new home is not a conventional Austrian or Germanic name.  It has evolved out of the great sense of family that the Austrian people have, and is derived from a joint interest that our mothers had, Tapestry!  Samples of their work will be on display throughout the house, so that we can share their talent with our guests.  Their passing in recent years has provided us with this unique opportunity to provide you, our guests, with the homely welcome and hospitality that our mothers have instilled in us when visitors came to our respective family homes in the past.


As well as the comforts that our home from home may deliver, we aim to provide a varied breakfast, using locally sourced, quality ingredients. Should you have any special dietary requirements, let us know at the time of booking and we will aim to provide this.


Our philosophy is that of “our home is your home”.  So if there is anything that you would not be accepting of in your own home, then please let us know immediately, so that we may have the chance to rectify things and make your stay as complete and flawless as possible.





Born in Lytham St Anne’s, Lancashire, in 1962.  I have lived most of my life in Wales, firstly in North Wales at Rhos on Sea, and more recently in South Wales at Risca, near to Cardiff.


I trained as an apprentice in telecommunications and throughout my professional career have evolved as an experienced electronics engineer with managerial responsibilities. I have attained a black belt in the Six Sigma discipline for process and service delivery perfection.


My interests include: Skiing; Wind-surfing; Travel; Technology; The WWW; Music and Movies of varying tastes.


Born in Slough, Buckinghamshire/Berkshire in 1964. My life has taken me to many parts of the UK, spending much of my adult life in SW London.  Since 1997 I have lived in Newport, South Wales.


I have had a varied professional career.  Starting with shop and stores work, as well as customer service, I progressed into IT as a systems developer for 18 years.  Most recently I have returned to customer service for the UK Government.  I am also professionally qualified as a trainer with CIPD.


My hobbies and interests include:  Cooking; Entertaining; Singing; Travel; Current affairs; Assorted Music and Live entertainment.

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